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Emalin: Truth and Chaos



Presented alongside Judith Bernstein's solo show and curated by Queer Street Press. A selection of material presented in the gallery's vitrine seeks to trace the emphatic energy of Bernstein’s practice back to artists in QSP’s communities. In this sense, the presentation relates to London, with all the practitioners based there or possessing a strong relationship to the city. The works on display encompass photography and re-photography, reappropriation and stealing, scribbling and assemblage, slogans and text art. They primarily deal with issues pertaining to the body, its representation and the politics of the self in society. It is also a snapshot of an informal group of artists creating – sometimes opaque and often irreverent – works on paper in one another’s chaotic orbits.

With Giulia Astesani, Sico Carlierack O’BrienKim Jakobsen Tô

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