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Kupfer: Waiting Room



A collaborative exhibition with Aimée Lyon and Leo Costelloe at Kupfer. The show was an exploration of how objects can become more potent versions of themselves through staging, alteration and negation. Waiting Room was a continuation of our co-curated show Function Room at Photobookcafe.

"The word ‘wait’ finds its roots within the realm of the visual - to ‘observe carefully’, or to ‘be watchful’. Projection, like waiting, is concerned with visualisation. And belief too. We have all heard that seeing is believing, but in the case of the shadow show, we are not seeing the head of a barking dog, but rather two hands enmeshed, making an image of a commitment: to that which we might choose to see as a dog." - James Sibley

↑ Extract of the accompanying essay by James Sibley. Read it in full here

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