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Kupfer: Work in Process



Work in Process explores themes such as: identity, sexuality, gentrification and memory. In part it is a culmination of the 3-month residency at Kupfer.

Dominic Myatt’s works weave through memory and sexuality. Myatt explores a dialogue of anxiety and tension between their paintings and sculptures, punctuated with cartoon like humour. As a colour-blind artist, Dominic used the residency to expand the colour palettes they work with through a supported process of research and feedback.

Through an oral history documentary film and accompanying photographic works Damilola Lemomu platforms the voices of Hackney local groups including: Interlink Foundation supporting the Orthodox Jewish community, Laburnum Boat Club and Girls Friendly Society among others. She creates a space for Hackney local communities to speak of their experiences of gentrification and invites audiences to consider the varied iterations of a ‘sense of home’.

Exploring themes of identity, diaspora and familial connections Abi Ola presents textile-based, photographic and sculptural works. During the residency Abi developed work and research into West-African textiles and the use of emojis as pictographic communication.

Mengxi Zhang works with mixed-media paintings and sculptures which reveal her intuitive making. For Mengxi, the residency created an incubator for her making process as she experimented with new materials and observations, considering body surfaces as a boundary between the inside and the outside, and painting surfaces as a link between the outside word and the self.

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